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You already know this. Modern market problems require publishers to adopt modern solutions that are purpose-built for creating, managing and enriching content. These solutions should be intuitive, cloud-based and should support both print and digital channels so that your content creators can quickly and securely generate content from wherever and for any type of consumption preference.

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  • Supports authoring, enrichment and metadata management throughout the publishing process, across print and digital
  • Boost audience engagement through the use of multimedia
  • Enables you and your readers to effortlessly find what you need when you need it

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Ronnie Willis, Business Director, Content Management Products

In his current role, Ronnie works with newsrooms around the world to help journalists get the most value from their investment with Naviga. Prior to joining the organization, he worked at Saxotech, which was later acquired by Naviga. Before joining Saxotech, Ronnie worked as a sports writer, editor and page designer for four U.S. newspapers. He's passionate about music, fast digital products, UI/UX and sports agate.