Navigate 2020 EMEA Customer Conference
Preliminary Agenda

Editorial Track Advertising Track
  • Toward 2021: What is in Naviga's pipeline to enhance the software and help customers to overcome their challenges? Roadmap session.

  • Automated print production: Automating print production is a big potential for media companies today. How can Naviga help achieve this? Peter Sigfridsson, head of production development at GOTA Media, will show how Elastic Templates can be used to automate print production.

  • Content and newsroom planning: Planning is the key to making the best use of decreasing resources. Learn from Kapero Consulting, specialists in digital transformation, how organisations such as Bonnier Broadcasting, Aller Media, IKEA and ICA manage their content planning and transformation to digital. 

  • Artificial intelligence: How can computing technology help to produce and distribute content? Learn how Sydsvenskan utilizes algorithms to manage their publishing process.

  • Integration between legacy systems: What is the level of integration between old legacy systems and newly acquired solutions? Bjorn Robert Knudsen, Direktør teknologi, will show how far Agderposten has come in integrating their legacy systems.
  • Planning the future: What does the Naviga roadmap look like and what can we expect in 2020? Roadmap session.

  • Digital ad production: Driving digital revenues with streamlined production flows. How can recently released MediaLink Web help to optimise digital ad production?

  • SalesLink implementation journey: Learn from successful companies about their approaches for engaging the organisation in system implementation.

  • Digital ad serving: What does integration with different ad serving systems look like and how can they be combined?

  • Naviga Ad and Naviga Plan: Get to know the new Ad- and Print planning-system of Naviga and see its functionalities in action.

  • Product-Forum: How can customers get a grip in Naviga development and what obligations come with this opportunity?

Agenda is subject to change.

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What is the Naviga EMEA Customer Community Board?

As users of Naviga products we share many common needs and issues. We support each other with complex problems in our day-to-day business, share hard-won knowledge with each other, and give product feedback to Naviga management. We create and use synergies to jointly develop improvements for us as customers. Like every other customer group, we find our strength in numbers. The more people who are active within the group, the more helpful the peer-to-peer support becomes and the more powerful the user group's voice is in future product development. The Customer Community Board stays in close contact with Naviga management, gives feedback on products on a regular basis and participates in several strategic partnership programs.