Recent research indicates that, contrary to widely held belief, readers who read more stories are not more likely to become digital subscribers. In some cases, they might be less likely. While monetizing digital advertising relies on scale, digital editions can create a reliable revenue stream. And it’s not just the traditional “replica edition,” but also edition-based digital products.

Check out this webinar to learn about:

  • 2020 trends
  • What drives retention?
  • What drives churn?
  • E-replica and Digital Editions

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Ronnie Willis

In his current role, Ronnie works with newsrooms around the world to help journalists get the most value from their investment with Naviga. Prior to joining the organization, he worked at Saxotech, which was later acquired by Naviga. Before joining Saxotech, Ronnie worked as a sports writer, editor and page designer for four U.S. newspapers. He's passionate about music, fast digital products, UI/UX and sports agate.