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Join us for a live webinar introducing Smart Layouts, a new set of products that automate the time-intensive print manufacturing workflow for publishers. Built using the industry’s only smart AI/ML technology for print automation, Smart Layouts empowers newsrooms to drive efficiencies, save on manufacturing costs and dedicate more resources to driving overall content creation.

Naviga Publisher, powered by, an artificial intelligence system by The Globe and Mail, automates the full print manufacturing workflow.

Naviga Templates automates the copyfitting and layout for individual articles to provide publishers with more manual control as desired.

Hear from Karin Söderlund, President and GM of Content Products at Naviga, and guest presenters Bjørn Robert Knudsen, Director of Technology at Agderposten, Peter Sigfridsson, Head of Production Development at Gota Media, and Gordon Edall, Vice President, Sophi at The Globe and Mail.

Join this live webinar on Thursday, November 12th at 10 AM CT to find out how Smart Layouts empowers publishers to:

  • Drive efficiencies by automating the print manufacturing and ePaper publishing workflow
  • Become truly ‘Content-First’ with a modern, cloud- and smart-based CMS that integrates across a newsroom
  • Deliver a consistent, brand-driven look and feel of their paper regardless of the amount of content, assets and other influencing factors

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