Conference Agenda

Audience & Circulation: Engagement Designed to Last


Monday, May 17th

A Solution in One: Managing Print & Digital Together
Create greater subscription flexibility and visibility with a solution to manage print and digital together.

Speaker: Jason Goldberg

Using Google Analytics and a CDP to Keep Users Engaged
Data and user insights are key to being successful in driving engagement. Learn how integrating with Google Analytics to capture events and user behavior can uncover useful events while leveraging CDP user insights and scores to keep them engaged.

Speaker: John Scanlon

Leveraging 3rd Party Integrations
From identity providers to social websites, it’s not just about integrating your back-end billing and circulation systems anymore. Discover what 3rd party integrations you can leverage to create a more seamless, friction-less experience for users.

Speaker: Jason Goldberg, Rolf Rohwer

Tuesday, May 18th

CSR Communication is Not a One-Time Thing
A CSR application should be leveraging data from various touchpoints in a customer’s journey allowing for a unified view of all areas involved in customer relationships. There may be a significant room for improvement and, thus, untapped potential for gaining a better understanding of how your customers behave and how to turn that information into greater profits in this customer-centric age. 

Speaker: Sandhya Jain, Jason Goldberg

You Can Do It: Self-Service Solutions for Subscriber Retention
Customers appreciate being in control of their own subscriptions and most expect some sort of self-service portal. Learn how we are making it easier for subscribers 'do it themselves' and how it leads to greater retention.

Speaker: Sandhya Jain, Jason Goldberg
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Deliver, Engage, Retain - A Look at How Editorial Newsletters Can Boost Your Engagement Strategy
Becoming a persistent source of an audiences’ daily content consumption strengthens your relationship and makes it more valuable. Permission-based email delivery of relevant and timely content can result in better engagement and increased retention. With a catalog of almost 200 titles, this publisher uses data to manage, monitor, monetize, and cultivate their newsletter program.

Speaker: Stewart Place, Dan Petty
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Building a Subscriber Onboarding Program - Increase Engagement, Promote Retention
Content purchasing and consumption is the lifeblood of most media companies. Fostering an ongoing dialogue with new subscribers promotes a feeling of partnership and an awareness by the consumer that their continued engagement will be beneficial. An automated email touchpoint program is an inexpensive method by which to interact relevantly and timely, within highly targeted audiences. This session presents a case study of how Digital First Media is using email to communicate with new subscribers to create an ongoing dialogue and develop a content engagement habit that they are willing to pay for and stick with.

Speaker: Stewart Place, Jason Kristufek
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Wednesday, May 19th

iConnect Intros & Expectations
Join us as we kick off the iConnect portion of our conference and learn what to expect. Share with others what you expect to take away from the conference.
Speaker: Christopher Berdahl

Vindicia Retain
Learn about a new add-on to NCS Circulation designed to interface with Vindicia to increase collections/retention on auto-renew decline subscriptions.
Speakers: Diane Attanasio, Collin McFadden
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UK & European Media - The Move to Paid-for Content
We take you through quick-fire industry examples, data and insight from across UK & Europe - looking at national and regional publisher subscription strategies. How are media companies successfully driving paying customers? What products and price-points are working? How are promotions, offers and incentives used?
Speakers: Ben Edwards

Alternate Payment Options
For all Circulation products: see what's available and what's coming in the future to learn how to get the most of your system.
Speakers: Greg Hartgrave, Jason Goldberg
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Customer Portal
Open to all portal users, this is an overview of the Customer Portal - navigation, case management, knowledge base, university and general review. As this is an interactive session, bring your questions and comments as well as recommendations for improvements.
Speaker: Dave Katz
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Thursday, May 20th

Naviga Subscribe, Engage, and Discover
This session will include a demo/overview, including what it does and what it can bring to your business. We will also discuss what is being done to enhance integration with Naviga Circulation systems - including new features, integration and roadmap.
Speaker: Jason Goldberg

Ask the Experts - Circulation
Get your questions answered with the Naviga Experts and Peers.
Speaker: Christopher Berdahl, Damon Daffron
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Automation of Processes
Get the most of your system and what processes are available to be automated inside of Naviga.
Speaker: Christopher Berdahl, Damon Daffron, Jeff Wellens
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