Conference Agenda

Commerce: Digital Delivery that Transforms Your Business


Monday, May 17th

Taking Advantage of HTML Forms
We've been expanding the use to HTML forms. That expansion is expected to continue forward. This session will provide helpful information when building your HTML forms to avoid HTML form hell.
Speaker: Ben Harris

Subscription Customer Growth Study: Bayard Inc
We welcome Benjamin Thomas from Bayard Inc. They are a long time partner and publisher. We've been working with them on growth areas. Let's discuss and stimulate ideas.
Speakers: Benjamin Thomas, Bill Everitt

Fulfillment Portal
Imagine being able to schedule a digital/print combo subscription and go immediately to digital fulfillment. Wait, there's more. Imagine being able to do that quickly and easily for large quantities of subscriptions all while enabling the subscriber to manage entitlements. This is a must see session. 
Speakers: Bill Everitt, Jean Zamora, Ben Harris

Tuesday, May 18th

Book Customer Growth Study: Teacher Created Materials 
We welcome Raj Karnick from TCM. They are a long time partner and book publisher. We've been working with them on growth areas. Let's discuss and stimulate ideas.
Speakers: Raj Karnick, Bill Everitt
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EDI Automation
Welcome to 2021. We've replaced our old philosophy of EDI integration. It's been recast into an automated process that will optimize operations and reduce time spent on partner orders. We've also introduced another trade partner option. If EDI really meant PAIN, join this session for a better future.

Speakers: Bill Everitt, Ben Hermes

Roadmap and Small Feature Set 
In case you missed some of these, we will take a high level look at some enhancements we've added over the past year. We will give a brief explanation of each just to raise awareness. We also want to discuss what we've been focusing on in 2021 and what's in store for the balance of the year. 
Speaker: Dana Chattin, Allen Marks

Publisher Portal
If you work with external publishers and you want them involved with defining their products and downloading their orders, we've created the publisher portal to allow them to do just that. It's less work on your staff and provides external publishers with limited access to the system.
Speaker: Ben Hermes
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Wednesday, May 19th

Back to Basics - Subscriber Retention in the New Privacy Era
A deep dive into how the current privacy-focused environment impacts the cross-functional Product / Marketing relationship and what implications this might have for the future of user experience and user engagement.

Speakers: Mirela Cialai, Oriol Salom, Yuliya Martinavichene, Carla Holleran

5 Ways to Use Naviga Commerce to Monetize Your Content
This presentation will explore the 5 most effective ways publishers and partners use Naviga Commerce to monetize their content. It will cover the following 5 topics: 
Zinio Newsstand & our portfolio of distribution services; Branded Apps, Web Apps, and White Label Newsstand; repurposing your content; fulfillment services; and data services.
Speaker: Robert Underwood

Naviga Mobile: Your News, Customized
In a world where customization often equals high price, learn how the Naviga Mobile platform offers cost effective technology paired with unmatched customization opportunities.

Speaker: Mariah Brend
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Thursday, May 20th

Killer Strategies to Increase App Engagement and Reduce User Churn
Learn effective app marketing tactics aimed at increasing users engagement and reducing churn, by leveraging automated programs targeting users based on in-app behavior.

Speakers: Mirela Cialai

Understanding Reader Behavior Data to Create More Engaging Content
Creating and curating content is a core process in the editorial world. Knowing and understanding our audience is key to create content that better engages our readers. Anonymized data captured in the digital world can help us in this process.

Speaker: Miguel Sanz

Discovering New Revenue Streams Through Multi-Channel Distribution
Naviga powers some of the largest consumer reading services in the market, ranging across industries including Newsstands, Libraries, Inflight Entertainment, Loyalty Programs, News Feeds, and Corporate Subscription Management. Scribd - a Naviga Channel Partner: evolving the written word, bringing it to new audiences.

Speaker: Kent Roache, Christina Faubert

Q&A with The Hockey News - Streamline Digital Production and Distribution
A vast portfolio of brands require significant internal resources to produce and maintain apps. Finding the right solution to streamline production and app development can alleviate internal resource needs, while allowing for customization and mobile adaptive rendering, beyond PDF replica.

Speaker: Jean Zamora, Erika Vanderveer