Conference Agenda

Content: Cultivating a Foundation of Content



Monday, May 17th

Content Creation: What's New and Roadmap
Join us to learn what's new in content creation and get an inside look at our roadmap.
Speaker: Ronnie Willis

Print Production: What's New and Roadmap
Join us to learn what's new in print production and get an inside look at our roadmap. 
Speaker: Ronnie Willis
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Digital Editions: Where Less Can Be More
Recent research indicates that, contrary to widely held belief, readers who read more stories are not more likely to become digital subscribers; in some cases, they might be less likely. While monetizing digital advertising relies on scale, digital editions can create a reliable revenue stream. And it's not just the traditional "replica edition," but also edition-based digital products. 
Speaker: Ronnie Willis

Tuesday, May 18th

Streamline the Content Creation, Enrichment and Management Process
Your news staff is smaller, your readers' demands are larger, and you're under more pressure to provide a bigger piece of the revenue pie. This means that getting your stories from Point A to Point B needs to be easier and faster.  
Speaker: Ronnie Willis

Naviga Content Creation: Way More Than Just an "Authoring Tool"
Modernizing your newsroom means modernizing your tools. Moving past desktop-based text editors is only the first step. We'll take a news story through a day in its life using the Naviga Content Creation Tools, showing how the story can be created, edited, enhanced, posted to digital platforms AND the print newspaper.
Speaker: Ronnie Willis

The Future of Print Publishing is Here
With a third of all resources dedicated to the print manufacturing workflow, it's time to rethink the manufacturing process. So how can publishers free up those resources and save costs so they can focus on a "Content First" mindset? The answer: automating the print production workflow with smart AI/ML technology. Join this session to learn how Naviga and are shaping the future of print. 
Speaker: Ronnie Willis, Gordon Edall
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Naviga Dashboard Administration
The Naviga Dashboard is a powerful tool out of the box, and was set up to provide the best user experience for your newsroom. But what if you need change? Learn how you can take control of the Dashboard from an admin level. 
Speaker: Ronnie Willis

Wednesday, May 19th

Migrating to NCS Content
Swift, SRP and MMG users discuss the highs, lows and end results of migrating page design and output to NCS Content.
Speaker: Ryan Engelman, Ronnie Willis

Migrating to Open Content / Naviga Web
Cedar, Swift, and SRP web folds discuss the highs, lows and end results of migrating to a new web solution based on Open Content.
Speaker: Ryan Engelman, Dario Monforte

Migrating to Dashboard / Writer
Swift, SRP, Cedar, Rosebud, etc. reporters and editors discuss the highs, lows and end results of migrating to the new content creation and editing tools.
Speaker: Ryan Engelman, Dario Monforte, Ronnie Willis

NCS Content Tips and Tricks
Learn how to use new folio approaches to streamline templates as well as image processing based on channel.
Speaker: Ryan Engelman, Beth Hilbig, Lou Gerlinger

Thursday, May 20th

The Benefits of Integrating Naviga Plan and NCS Content
Learn about the benefits of integrating Naviga Plan and NCS Content. 
Speaker: Ronnie Willis, Kirk Smith

How Can We Help You? 
In this session, we'll go beyond "fix this bug." Share what areas Naviga could invest in to help you be successful and what pain points you need help with. 
Speaker: Ronnie Willis, Ryan Engelman