In a society where technology is constantly changing, publishers are looking for solutions that not only help with content management but also ensure that content is "future-proof". That's why publishers are moving away from traditional technology and turning to "headless" content management systems. But what exactly is a "headless" CMS, and why would you want one? 

In this webinar, take a look at how the Naviga Content Platform serves your current content management needs while also serving as your platform for future innovation.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How using a "headless" CMS allows you to become truly 'Content-First'
  • How to deliver across multiple channels with use of APIs
  • How the Naviga Content Platform provides a modern solution for managing and curating content

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Ronnie Willis

In his current role, Ronnie works with newsrooms around the world to help journalists get the most value from their investment with Naviga. Prior to joining the organization, he worked at Saxotech, which was later acquired by Naviga. Before joining Saxotech, Ronnie worked as a sports writer, editor and page designer for four U.S. newspapers. He's passionate about music, fast digital products, UI/UX and sports agate.