When you're trying to build premium subscriptions for data-driven online services and products, there are a few challenges that you may run into: technical complexity in development that causes long lead times, high costs, and high risk. But what if we told you there is an easier way to share your data products with customers?

In this on-demand webinar, meet the newest members of the Naviga team from Abacus and get an inside look at a low-risk, cost-effective route for building those premium subscriptions: the Market Intelligence Platform.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn how Abacus helps businesses grow revenue & engagement with tailored digital experiences
  • See a demo of the Abacus Market Intelligence Platform and learn how it works with Power BI
  • Find out why RetailWeek turned to Abacus for a data product

Watch the webinar today to learn more!