Join Wayne Burrows and Christopher Prinos in these on-demand webinars 3 part workshop series that focuses on the CRM platform in Naviga Ad. Part 1 takes us inside a day in the life of a salesperson and how they can put the power of the system to work for them. Part 2 focuses on the Sales Manager and the tools built into Naviga Ad's CRM to effectively monitor pipeline, revenue, and customer engagements. Part 3 shows how Indigo Trigger has helped Naviga customers implement the Naviga CRM and modernize the Lead-to-Cash ecosystems.

Watch Part 1: "Master the Sales Pipeline" on-demand webinar to:

  • Seamless integration of all stages in the sales pipeline, enabling a more fluid transition from proposal drafting through launching campaigns.
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and delays, allowing for quicker turnarounds and optimized resource allocation.
  • Collaborative features that keep all team members updated in real-time, ensuring everyone is aligned on tasks, deadlines, and objectives.

Watch Part 2: "Unlock the Power of Data" on-demand webinar to:

  • Real-time analytics for tracking sales metrics, customer behavior, and interaction history.
  • Make informed decisions based on tangible data, rather than relying on gut feelings or intuition.
  • Forecasting capabilities that analyze past data to help predict future sales trends.

Watch Part 3: "Successful Strategies and Best Practices with Naviga CRM" on-demand webinar to:

    • How to structure the Naviga CRM to ensure adoption by Sales Reps.
    • Experience with various integration strategies, including integrations with popular sales enablement platforms.
    • Leveraging Informer to build custom reports on top of the Naviga CRM.

Watch the webinar today to learn more!