Across newsrooms globally, at least 22% of the total effort to deliver a newspaper is involved with manual page layout and copy fitting.* While print is a key source of newspaper revenue, spending too much time on designing and managing printed editions is an obstacle to fully realizing digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions can bridge the gap, helping content flow automatically into the different formats for print, online, and mobile—using less time, money, and manpower.

Our eBook will help you understand how automating print manufacturing can help your newsroom become Content-First. Topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Take the Pressure Off Print
  • Case Study: Norwegian Newspaper Gets a "Make Me a Newspaper" Button
  • The Automated Workflow - From Draft to Printed Paper
  • Reallocating Resources From Print to Content
  • The ROI of Print Automation

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*According to a Naviga 2020 Print Production Process Survey