Over the past several decades, the playing field for books evolved immensely as new technologies became available. Readers can now access libraries worth content within seconds and whip out a book on their phone or e-reader from anywhere in the world. As we turn to look at the future of books and evolving technologies, one thing stands out: the ability to turn reading into an immersive experience with digital interactive content (such as with audio clips or interactive charts).

As publishers start to consider the possibilities of interactive content in books, there are many questions around what it actually looks like and how book publishers can pave the way for success. In this white paper, we map out what it looks like and dive into some of the benefits and challenges of getting started.

In this new white paper, industry experts discuss:

  • Definitions and examples of digital interactive content
  • How publishers can take advantage of the creative possibilities that come with interactive content in books
  • Three ways to cross-sell to readers in both fiction and non-fiction books with e-commerce
  • How publishers today are utilizing interactive content in books today and seeing revenue growth

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