Following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, some expected digital subscription growth to slow, or at least for the trend to be less essential to publishers’ growth strategies. The opposite has occurred. Digital subscriptions have grown steadily, and more and more publishers are counting on them as key revenue streams. In fact, about 21% of paid subscriptions are digital - and digital-only subscriptions to local newspapers, specifically, are forecasted to overtake print subscriptions by 2027.

With so much potential for growth on the horizon, how can publishers take advantage of this shift in the marketplace to capitalize on digital subscription revenue?

In this new white paper industry experts discuss:

  • Insights into consumer behaviors that are driving digital subscription growth
  • How publishers can easily move readers through the sales funnel, including: awareness, interest, and purchase
  • Three areas to focus on in order create a seamless shopping cart experience
  • The Naviga formula for digital subscriber growth

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