Today’s readers are eager to consume content across a variety of channels. Mobile apps have grown in popularity for reading magazines and articles, providing publishers with another way to monetize their content and open new revenue streams. In fact, mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. 

When launching an app for your customers, there is a lot to consider - no matter whether it is a relaunch of an existing app or a launch of a brand-new app. In this paper, we walk you through the different journeys that you can take in order to make sure your customers experience the smooth path from notification to readership.

In this new white paper, industry experts discuss:

  • Steps to take when relaunching an existing mobile app with a new developer
  • The three types of journeys your customer can take to readership from your mobile app
  • Easy ways to promote your new app to your readers and control your sales funnel

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