In the rapidly evolving landscape of Media and Entertainment, characterized by the emergence of diverse platforms and a fragmented audience, this paper sheds light on the challenges faced by cable and broadcast networks in crafting effective cross-platform marketing plans. As traditional television viewership declines, marketers are compelled to adopt a data-based approach, and this is where RSG Media's Audience platform, particularly its revolutionary tool, Prophet, comes into play.

Prophet leverages advanced AI/ML technology to hyper-target dynamic audience segments, providing a comprehensive understanding of viewing behaviors and affinities. By optimizing marketing strategies through data-driven insights, Prophet maximizes promo efficiency and effectiveness, offering a powerful solution for networks striving to compete in this highly competitive environment.

In this new position paper, industry experts discuss:

  • How the Media and Entertainment industry is adapting to declining traditional TV viewership, prompting the need for data-driven marketing strategies.
  • How RSG Media's Audience Prophet platform, employs AI/ML to hyper-target audience segments, maximizing promo efficiency.
  • Prophet's predictive modeling supports balanced marketing across diverse formats, from on-air to digital channels.
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