In 2022, U.S. advertisers are projected to spend roughly $68.35 billion on cable and broadcast linear TV (nondigital) media, approximately 20% of all media advertising spending. And when advertising is how TV networks still make most of their ad revenue, even a 1% increase in advertising efficiency delivers a huge amount of money to the networks' bottom line.

Learn how to increase linear TV ad revenues 4% - 8%, year after year, using the machine learning and yield optimization algorithms that earned RSG Media the 2022 INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Award.

In this new position paper, industry experts discuss:

  • 6 of the keys considerations when scheduling advertisements on broadcast and cable TV
  • How RSG's method evaluates and prioritizes different ad campaigns, forecasts viewership, and places ads
  • How Machine Learning and Yield Optimization can help networks deliver savings of $9 million per year
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