From Nordic noir to Asian dramas, non-US shows are attracting huge global audiences, as streaming services expand internationally and look to expand their offerings. The Denmark/Sweden collaboration, The Bridge has aired in 100+ countries and spawned half-a-dozen remakes. When Gaumont Studio’s Lupin debuted, the French production garnered Netflix’s second highest opening numbers ever, and reached their top spot in popularity in countries around the world.

While small and medium sized studios and networks are also poised for growth, there are a few challenges that need to be addressed before they can fully capitalize on these trends. From adopting new systems to defraying rising costs, learn how companies can continue expanding their business internationally.

In this position paper, industry experts discuss:

  • The advantages of producing and acquiring international content
  • The challenges small and medium sized studio and networks see, including: new business opportunities while using old systems, knowing what is in your catalogue, and more
  • Strategic insights on how companies can easily upgrade operations to track and manage all IP assets
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