The Marvel movies have earned $9.4 billion for Disney in ticket sales - but that's not all. Forbes has estimated that the brand has earned over $10 billion in licensing revenue since 2010. But maximizing the value of IP like this has become incredibly complex - and it can be easy to miss out on opportunities that could help fully exploit rights.

In an ideal world, the content value chain would be easy. Creators would create something wonderful, release it into the world, and the revenues would flow in. In this position paper, we identify what is holding companies back - and how they can unlock exceptional value, streamline operations, and position enterprises to nimbly meet new challenges, all whilst better meeting customers’ needs.

In this new white paper, industry experts discuss:

  • How companies can fully exploit rights with a unified rights management system
  • 10 different areas that can immediately be improved through machine learning
  • Strategies and technologies for moving up the 5 levels of the Content Value Chain Maturity Curve
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