Learn about the successes and opportunities created by publishers across subscriptions, advertising and content. Naviga brings you insight, data and quick-fire examples from the world of newspapers, B2B and B2C magazines.

We start this webinar by highlighting the major media industry news, before reflecting on recent performance and trends. We’ll then delve into our four main topics - new products, pricing & subscriptions, advertising and content - full of interesting ideas, data and examples.

Naviga is fortunate to work with publishers big and small, far and wide – so we will also have time for a Q&A, plus highlight what we're looking forward to next to share further insight.

Join this live webinar on 21 April at 2 PM BST to learn about:

  • Hot industry updates
  • The effects of COVID-19 on the media industry in 2020
  • Current trends across magazine and newspaper
  • What to keep an eye on in 2021

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Ben Edwards

As Sales Director at Naviga, Ben gets to work with a range of publishers, mainly in the UK and Europe. He’s always keen to learn about and share insight on subscription, advertising and content strategies and has 12+ years’ experience in the media / tech market.